Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

The instructions for these sucker covers came from

I created a valentine garland using bias binding tape, paper and alphabet pop-outs from a dollar store.

These tulle balls were easy to make using instructions from

The flower tins are simply tin cans I saved over the last few weeks and using a glue gun, I stuck on scrapbooking paper, ribbon and lace. I cut little branches down from a bush in my front yard and stuck them into tulle balls and fabric flowers. In order to have the flowers stand up, I went to Walmart and bought styrofoam for flower arrangements. I simply cut the foam to fit the cans and stuck in the branches.

I dreamed up this valentine garland one day when trying to incorporate my new obsession with fabric flowers. I used a thick ribbon, cut a small cross every 4 1/2 inches and used fabric glue and some twisting to stick the flowers in. I then stuck on felt heart stickers from the dollar store in between the flowers. Double-sided sticky circles from the dollar store attached the ribbon to the mantle (I am hoping that they don't strip the paint!).

The love message was created by simply lining up my daughters' blocks.

And finally, these are a few of my daughter's heart crafts!

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