Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Valentine Decorating Ideas

Sofie and Maya turn 3 the day after Valentine's Day, and I have been obsessively decorating our home for their birthday/valentine party. Here are a few more ideas to build on my last post.

1. Wood Garland
I found wood branches at the dollar store that inspired me to make a garland with hanging hearts that I had created a few years ago from cardboard, fabric, ribbon and lace. It is all held up by two thumbtacks.

2. Doily Garland
This garland is nothing special, just ribbon, doilies and fabric hearts.

3. Cinnamon Hearts
Who doesn't love these little treats? Just fill a jam jar up with cinnamon hearts and top it off with some cute fabric and ribbon!

4. Valentine Take-Out Boxes
I dreamed up the idea to jazz up my stairwell by hanging valentine take-out boxes from ribbon using scotch tape! Another fabulous dollar store find.

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