Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Laundry Room Makeover

I finally have completed my laundry room! Now let me first mention that my goal was to redo this room on an extreme budget. The only thing I went to a store to purchase were the curtains and curtain rod (from Zellars) and a kleenex box that inspired the colour scheme. The rest of the makeover involved objects that were either found on the side of the road (the dresser) or found in my house already. It is not perfect (the old paint-covered faucet, pipes and random wires hanging from the ceiling) but it definitely is a treat to walk into my new room to do laundry. Be sure to read my previous post with pictures of the original state of the room!

Ta-Daaaaa! I struggled for a week with how to cover an old window that was covered in ragged plastic and finally came up with the idea of hanging my chalkboard with hooks from the ceiling. The chalkboard was a side-of-the-road pickup that I painted with chalkboard paint.

I painted underneath the washer and dryer and displayed a few of my art pieces to distract from the pipes.

The corner of the room is my favourite part. I created artwork and added an old dress I had found at a thrift store a few years ago, and of course the dresser had a makeover as well. Don't you just adore the fabric?

Now onto...well cleaning up the mess I created outside the laundry room.

*Please excuse the odd lighting in the pictures as it really is a dark room and I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to edit in some light, but I think I went a little overboard.*

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  1. Oooo I love I love. Wanna come do my laundry room next. It (along with my kitchen junk drawer) are the shame(s) upon my home decor. :)