Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentine Birthday Party

We had a wonderful party yesterday to celebrate Sofie and Maya's 3rd birthday! I took a few pics of the dresses I made before the craziness of the party!

The cupcakes were a hit...

The parents loved the "wrap your parent in toilet paper" game... (PS..this can be quite humourous when your kids are potty training. My good friend Heather discovered this when her boys tried to wipe her behind!)

Pin the tail on the donkey was a success...way to go Lola who put the tail on the perfect spot on her first try!

Thanks to Auntie Nette and Joe for their balloon expertise!

These gifts were stunning, made by my incredibly creative friend Lidija.

Overall, the day was filled with good friends, good laughs and good food!

The after party turned into a cousin dress up event!

A huge thanks to all our friends and family who have supported, inspired and sustained us through the first 3 years of our little girls' lives.

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