Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Shabby Chic Makeover

So with the New Year came visions of “finishing off” my home. One of the projects to cross off my list was to embellish a boring lampshade.

Well, I believe I have definitely gone in a different direction from boring, perhaps even travelled into the realm of “gaudy”. This lamp is what I affectionately call my “tu-ruf” (tutu-ruffle) lampshade.

I found the gorgeous lamp base for a few dollars at a thrift store.

Then I found a children’s tutu at a used clothing sale. I simply placed it over the lamp shade and then sewed a ruffle out of an old rose patterned bed sheet, and then glued the ruffle on with fabric glue. To top it off, I glued on a strip of lace to hide the top of the lampshade.

Voila! A slightly gaudy, yet whimsical lampshade in full shabby chic glory!

Final Touches to a Shabby Chic Paradise (very budget-friendly)
This fall I converted my bedroom from a harsh black and white design to my airy, shabby chic, Rachael Ashwell- inspired-paradise.

My father-in-law finally pulled himself away from his little granddaughters long enough install my chandelier (thanks to a super deal at Canadian Tire), and a curtain rod.

The lace curtains were a few bucks at Value Village (VV) and after a simple sewing job they were ready to be hung up with curtain rod hooks.

The duvet cover was a wonderful treasure discovered at “VV” for only $12.00! It is trimmed in lace and blends in wonderfully with my exquisite Ikea ruffle blanket. The bed curtain was another find at “VV” and the accessories were collected from rummage sales and thrift stores over the last few years. *the above picture was taken pre-tu-ruf lamp*

The hat is my husband’s grandmother’s hat.

I made a fun fur lampshade!

I found this bunny in my garden and painted it white.

This chair was a VV find and I covered it with an old rose patterned bed sheet.

I discovered this when I was walking by a church that was being converted into lofts!

I had this shutter ‘lying around’ so I placed it in front of a boring corner!

These were my ballet shoes from my very short and uneventful dancing career as a 6 yr old. The fabric painting in the background is one of my creations.

And now that my bedroom is finally complete, I am onto the daunting task of transforming my laundry room/dungeon. I am overwhelmed just looking at this picture!

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