Thursday, June 24, 2010

Double "Poopy" Trouble

*WARNING: The word POO will be used several times in this post!*

So I have officially joined the ranks of parents who talk about the ol' "take off the poopy diaper and rub it around the room" trick!

We started a relaxed version of potty training our 2-year-old twin girls a few weeks ago. No pressure, just talk about the pottty, go on it after meals etc. They have regressed somewhat, but today I was amused and reminded that we have made some sort of progression when one of my daughters was in the toddler pool sitting her little naked bottom on a tiny brown crayon and saying she was going "po0-poo"!

I had a simply lovely afternoon today, taking photos, watching my favourite tv show, catching up on emails...while my girls slept peacefully and then played independently in their room (simply glorious). When I finally decided to venture up to their room, the pungent odour of ripe poo hit me before I even made it up the stairs. My simply glorious afternoon had gone to "poo", quite literally! Yes, they had taken off their poopy diapers and it had spread all throughout their room.

So, as any self-respecting mother would do when faced with a simlar situation, I cleaned up what I could of the poo, told the girls they shouldn't take their diapers off, and told them that their daddy would have a talk with them when he got home. Yes, I pulled the "wait till your daddy comes home" line.

So, as bedtime approached, I went upstairs again to put new sheets on their bed, but still smelled the poo. I thought maybe I just needed to open the window, but one of my daughters pointed out that her little barnyard had poo-poo in it and of course, she blamed it on her sister! So, I scanned the barnyard and as I opened the white gate to the cow's stall, a loud "moo" shocked me, and then I spotted the poo. Now, I have to hand it to them, at least they put it in the cow's stall, where manure is supposed to go! I then discovered another diaper full of poo that I had missed in my earlier clean-up mission, and then one of the girls reached under her sister's bed and picked up the cow with "pop-poo" on it! I think this photo ends this little article quite nicely! Need I say more?

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