Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Friends

As I gaze at this photo of my twin girls with their twin "boyfriends," I am reminded of the children's book series about "Gossie and Gertie," two ducks who are friends, best friends. I recently asked one of my daughters who her best friend was, hoping for her to say her twin sister, but she named her best friends Baron and Chase!

It just melts my heart into mushy bits to see my girls experience friendship in its purest form: screaming in delight when they first see each other, the immediate complusion to hold hands, and the sacrafice in sharing and pushing each other on a swing.

Today as one of my little girls leaned forward in the stroller she shared with her best friend Chase, Chase saw his opportuity and pulled the old "yawn and slide the arm around the girl" trick. Ahhhh....summer love.


  1. blog looks gorgeous! I haven't figured out how to do it with mine yet?

  2. Thanks! I got some books out of the library and found a few free sites for blogs....go to the cutest blog on the block and if I can do it, you can!