Friday, January 13, 2012

The Kiss Box

Has it really been last February since I last posted? Well, since then I have launched my new company (which encompasses mummynuggle?) called Country Chiq (, and moved into a new home and community.

I just couldn't resist writing a post about this delightful book called "The Kiss Box" by Bonnie Verburg and Henry Cole. This book is so incredibly sweet, and it inspired a lovely lil' craft session with my daughters. The concept of the book stems from Mama bear having to leave her cub for a little while, and her baby bear is worried that he is going to miss his mama. Then he comes up with a fabulously cute idea: a kiss box.

The idea is to fill a box with a lots of kisses, and when cub or mama start to miss each other, they simply open up the box and imaginary kisses will comfort them!

So I didn't need an excuse to head on over to Michaels and buy 2 boxes (and loads of other "necessary" craft items) and a bunch of stickers for my daughters to decorate their own "kiss boxes".

   They even put heart stickers inside!

A sweet Valentine's Day gift idea is to wrap this book up along with a box, paint brushes and paint, stickers, and ribbon.

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