Thursday, October 21, 2010

tutus: trend or obsession?

I have always been a person who wonders where fashion trends start and why. Tutus seem to have cropped up into toddler fashion this fall, or perhaps I only think it is a trend because my daughters are in a ballet class and I began searching for the perfect ballet "outfit". Either way, I have completely fallen for this "trend". I even redecorated my bedroom in a ballet theme including a Degas print I just happened to have lying around and my own little ballet shoes (I briefly took ballet as a child). I am currently working on a tutu lamp shade...stay tuned for the unveiling!

This obsession has even spilled over into mummynuggle? designs: tutu-aprons, tutu inspired skirts, tutu greeting cards, tulle hair accessories and even ballet tutus.

Well, back to my daughters' ballet outfits. I started by creating a tulle netting flower for their hair. Maya seemed to really like my first, rather large creation, and wore it all day.

We settled with a slightly smaller style for their ballet outfits. Then came the tutu...I researched how to design the tutu, bought the supplies, and left it up to my wonderfully creative mother-in-law to create the finished product. After purchasing the shoes and top, my little girls looked like budding ballerinas!

Since then we have shortened the tutus and added cute little leg warmers. Now we just have to focus on learning the "dancing" part!

Who knows if this is really a trend, or I just see tutus because I am slightly obsessed. I do know that when I enter my "ballet inspired" bedroom I feel a graceful peace wash over my body. And when I turn on the delightful music, close my eyes, and gently glide across the floor while "practising" with my daughters, I feel myself floating away from my chaotic life, into my own little slice of heaven!

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